What it is

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What it is


It is lemon light tilting past lime-green leaves;

aromas of cut grass, hawthorn, and warm gorse;

elderflower wine shoaling brightly round gums, then bursting sharp and sweet;

the high-pitched tinkling of newly-washed hair;

faint fluty notes on the wind.


It is gently buoyant curls on nape;

a lilting ski-jump of a nose;

feet and brows tending towards arching;

arms floating up and out, unbidden.


It is a lightening under the sternum,

soft breath lifting and sinking through fontanelle,

and an inner shifting, settling, down to earth.

A level kind of readiness.

And then there is a lengthening

and a heighteningwhite2

and a  s o a r i n g  about it, like leaping off a swing mid-flight;

a reaching about it

and a welcome:

the redly spreading grin of dawn,

or the frank smile of the new moon.

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