The Wall

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On the other side,
they think I’m better
I’m medicated,
and I’m on a

but every brick
of that wall
has helped put me here.

I feel better when the newspapers
report boring headlines.
And Twitter is trending
about real stories,
not myth or
I feel better with my lover when
we sail along the river.
And I tremble at the
thought I have
succeeded along
the way with
her help.

And I feel fine, when
I am walking through the streets,
and the street is not walking
through me, because
everybody knows
I am an actor not simply
a spectator of life, and
there is no wall
to pin me in.

I’m always on the other
side of that wall,
no matter
what they
think and I’m
fine because I have more than
the wings of a prayer.
And no barrier is
high enough
for me.

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