The Small Things in Life

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A laugh with a friend or a long journey’s end
The warmth of a bath on a cold winter’s night
An extra hour’s sleep or good food going cheap
A difficult test and you get it all right.

The sand in your toes and your comfiest clothes
The point you can breathe at the end of a cold
A day of good hair and a soft comfy chair
The moment your naughty dog does as it’s told.

A gripping new book or the days others cook
A new episode of your favourite show
An afternoon nap and some big bubble wrap
The childish excitement at seeing fresh snow.

A comical joke where you laugh till you choke
An unforeseen text from an old long-lost friend
A hug from your spouse and a wholly clean house
The absolute joy of a stressful day’s end.

A good cup of tea or a splash in the sea
When two snack bars fall in the vending machine
A pillow’s cool side or the times scissors glide
A drive through a town where all lights are on green.

A good reminisce or a soft gentle kiss
The moment warm water hits freezing cold hands
Your favourite song and to sleep all night long
A small local concert with epic new bands.

The view of the stars or the smell of new cars
A dip in a pool on a hot summer’s day
Removing tight shoes and good things on the news
A big homemade cake from a little cafe.

The sight of sunsets or a cuddle with pets
A Saturday where you don’t have to get dressed
A freshly made bed or the smell of baked bread
The small things in life are so often the best!

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