The Beautiful Pain

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The Beautiful Pain

You Felt, you Cried, you Embraced the Pain of the World.
You saw, how others felt and struggled, lived and died;
Then in your Heart, a Glow did Spark,
The Pain was so much, too much to bare.

Deep, deep connection to the Suffering of Life,
And in a magical moment something magnificent happened.
A Great Cry was Heard, No More No More,
And with that pain, you Transformed it into something so Beautiful,
Something so Real, something so Heartfelt and Profound.

You took that Pain, and by God did you feel it,
Yet, you did not turn it upon others,
You did not force others to feel this pain that you so felt.
Yet, instead, you Transformed it,
Condensed it together and turned it into Love. Higher love.

This Pain became a Rage, and the rage became a Devotion,
A longing, a commitment, a Whole Soul Felt decision to no longer be part,
To no longer create or spread this hurt any further,
To no longer be part of this pain-giving World.

So instead, you sawt to be a vessel, a vehicle of Love, of Kindness,
Compassion and Understanding,
So, you could not be part of a messed up human world and society,
So you would not add and contribute to all the suffering and fierce hurt,
That Life does so often bring.
So you could spread the Light of Kindness into the Hearts of All you came across.

And Why?
Because you saw, you felt, you knew, you Understood,

Their, your own, this Worlds;
Beautiful Pain.

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