New Beginnings…..

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Hugs and strength coming your way,

here’s hoping tomorrow’s a better day,

don’t give up and don’t give in,

you’ll be surprised of the power within,

inner strength and will, to guide

will help you on this bumpy ride,

in the end, you’ll win, you’ll see

you’ll be the person you long to be……

nobody can stop you now, you’ve tenderly begun

you’re journey to life’s pleasures, where days are filled with fun

you’ll see it was worth all the pain,

of struggling on to win

nothing can stop you now, your life will just begin,

and soon enough you’ll surely see,

the past is simply that,

no longer will it rule you

with feelings of unease

the time will come to show you how

there’s only you to please.

those that say they love you,

will be there by you’re side

and every step along the way

you’ll feel no need to hide

and when you’re journeys over and you start to realise

how great life has become for you

will you really start to thrive.

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