My tangled mind set free

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Now I’ll tell you a true story

About a man, who, once lost his mind

He was dealt a wrong hand

A fate too unkind


We met up in a coffee house,

In Old Leicester Square

It become a physical attraction

A friendship we begun to share


He’d say; Pretty girl be kind to me

Sunrays and moonbeams entwine with me

Let the stars shine down on me

You’ve set my tangled mind, free


The summer rays, shone down on us

As we strolled hand in hand, through London town

Big Ben chimed loudly

He fooled around, acting the clown


He said, with you, I hear birds sing

I feel the sunbeams on my skin

This world is a now a brighter place

Girl you’ve such a pretty face


He said girl, come dance with me

And the truth as it be

I fell in love with him

He fell in love with me


He whispered, let’s build a little house

It’ll be our Buckingham Palace

I’ll be your Christopher Robin

You’ll be my breathtaking Alice


We stay strong through our misty days

Life’s recovered in many ways

It was meant to be, some how

Our journeys, forever now


So life is about true love

For oneself and for others

We all need love

And we became lovers


Years on were still together

He loves me, just the same

He now calls himself Tarzan

And me Lady Jane


So now the true story ends

Giving hope and inspiration to you

You could be me

And he could be you


He said; Pretty girl, be kind to me

Sunrays and moonbeams entwine with me

Thanks for the stars that shine down on me

My tangled mind set free


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