Making friends with snow

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Making friends with snow


You were never my enemy.

You were an emotion to learn,

water frozen that slows down the pulse.


A memory of you is fun.

The cold wetness of you

in small wellington boots,

soggy mittens, red noses and hands

that took hours to thaw.


A memory of you is white fields

of newness that encompassed

the thrill inside the house.

How you wrapped us up deep

behind window ledges and doors

making it impossible to leave.


It`s the years one after another

the constant changes you bring,

sometimes with a lingering embrace,

other years some of us never see you.


But I love it when you freeze the gardens

and make a mockery of life; how you blockade

daily routines and numb our brains

with silly notions about driving over

and out of sight of you.


I remember that one time when I locked

myself out with just slippers on my feet.

How you saturated my toes with cold water,

like a cosy friend, how I could feel you

all over my skin.

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