Living In The Now

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“Living In The Now”

I feel better when I’m confident and my positive minds in gear

My feelings adapt accordingly my mind feels free and clear

I feel better when I am upbeat I love sitting by the sea

Waves softly lapping on the shore enjoying being me

I’m not a slave to negativity designed to bring me down

I’m tenacious I’m determined I refuse to wear a frown

I feel better when I’m positive my thoughts running high not low

I can focus on my future and all the places I can go

I think about my family and the friends who have been there

Supporting me by night and day proving that they care

I feel better when I’m positive no more dwelling on the past

I’m living in the here and now acceptance reigns at last

I must be mindful of what I’m thinking keep negativity at bay

I’ll be grateful for this life I live I will welcome each new day

There’s far more questions than there’s answers the whys the where’s the hows

The key lies in POSITIVITY and LIVING IN THE NOW!!!!







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