It’s Been a While

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It’s been a while, a good few years
Since all my laughs were turned to tears
The sneaky thief, that old black dog
Turned my creative brain to fog
It wasn’t long at all before
Joy turned to woe, thrill turned to chore
I hit rock bottom many times
So built my home in its confines
But like the dawn comes after night
The change came whilst in darkest plight
Then finally my smile came back
At last my life got back on track
My life now has a dream, a goal:
Take back the life that black dog stole
I see my future and it’s bright
I know that I can win this fight
Now looking back at darkest days
I see progress in many ways
The dark rock bottom home I made
Now lies in ruins, disarrayed
And with a smile I want to tend
To others not yet on the mend
A smile is an amazing gift
For lonely ones who need a lift
And smiling is a gift for me
It proves I’m in recovery
I feel better when I can smile
And smiling makes life so worthwhile
It’s been a while, but not quite years
Since laughs took over from the tears
And now that dog’s gone from my brain
My life is mine to live again.

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