I feel better when I can, So here’s the plan…

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I will try hard to…

Say ‘No’ to others

Not get involved in other peoples or ‘the worlds’ dilemmas and situations

I will be the watcher

I will let it happen at a distance

I will continue to construct ‘my’ very own safe space!


I feel better when I can

So here’s the plan…

I will try hard to…”

Start a new Chapter.

I will accept what has happened

I will not waste precious life energy worrying, predicting the ‘now’

Or putting right the past!

I will not think, say

I am stupid, worthless, mad, a loony or not worthy of others medical time and support-or even a nuisance!


I feel better when I can

So here’s the plan…

I Will try hard to…”

Bring complete attention, acceptance and trust to the present experience,

Be accepting of how it is now, on a moment-to-moment basis

BUT this is not always easy in my world

I can’t always agree to this!


I WILL feel better when I can

Gather up my shattered, scattered dreams

I will put together a life I truly love!

I will not feel guilty but continue to learn how to be kind to myself.

This is a much better use of my time and breath…


Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction,

Even a tip toe if it helps,


Will end up being the


Step of your life…

But take that step!!

I did!

So here’s my plan…

If I hadn’t taken that tiny step or chosen to ‘tell all’, trust a very dedicated professional and very special individual…

A person I have been able to cry buckets in front of

Told things I am not proud of

BUT learned to laugh a lot along the way with to J

Someone who knew how to nurture and re programme me

Even if has taken ‘ANOTHER’ week longer

When I say ‘how’ again!!!!! Or what’s the plan..?

He has given me the tools and tool box to go it alone,

If I hadn’t had access to him then you wouldn’t be reading this now,

The start of my fourth chance at LIFE!

I will stand again

I’ll  feel better when I can

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