I feel better when I am

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I feel better When I Am

racing to meet you at the café,
to share hot chocolate and soufflé,

a gold medallist in the ten thousand,
the singer in the latest boy band.

at home with my mother and father
or even my annoying sister and brother.

dancing on the dance floor
or climbing the highest sky walker.

reading all the Harry Potter books again,
queuing for the best ice cream,

jumping on my big brass bed,
doing arithmetic in my head.

looking forward to the next day,
remembering fondly yesterday

jumping out with my first parachute,
what a laugh, what a hoot.

building sand castles in the air,
playing with the curls of your hair,

holding you close when you’re afraid
giving you a gift that I have made.

hanging out with my best friends
swopping downloads just for lends.

drawing smilies in my copy book
just to get you to take a look

or texting you a good night’s kiss
wishing you a life like this

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