I feel better when I am… (an eagle).

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I feel better when I am… (an eagle).


An eagle does not belong in a cage and it’s not for me,

Let me out of the 9-5, that’s my plea!

To soar above the trees and the hills;

Without the care of green dollar bills.

To strike at a target with power, focus and fervour

Not to be just the grey office server…

of tea and coffee, “ one lump or two?”

It’s a waste of my talent, they haven’t a clue!

It’s up to me to release my chains,

…to show the world, that I too have brains!

It’s my fault really, I’ve stayed for too long!

I’ve stifled the call of my bird song.

That’s now behind and the future beckons,

No longer do I accept any sloppy seconds.

I now live life with hope, wonder and a dream;

All of this with a love supreme,

…to take a great photo and make money too,

But most of all to make my heart true,

True to the eagle and pioneer

To push on through ‘cos my dream is clear.

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