Feeling Better

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Snowed in, 10 feet deep, with a fridge full of food,
Coal and wood a-plenty, five days and nights
of stillness.

Penniless, with the hot sun beating down balmy,
need nothing! Everything – in this moment – is perfect,
priceless freedom.

Alone, without thoughts of the past,
or thoughts for the future, breathing, steadily
free from fear.

I feel better when I am in your protecting arms,
My tears of sadness turn to tears of joy,
And that unspoken bond of love,
Fills our hearts and minds.

I am Accepted; I am Loved; I feel Wanted.

I feel better when my mind ceases the cruel games it plays,
Achieving serenity and peace in meditation.

I thank God for the caring souls of the medical profession,
Who’s diligent and selfless duties,
Strengthen and assure my ongoing recovery.

When the treatment is sound and the medications work,
I’m grateful, I’m thankful,
At last I’m content.

When the darkness of nightmares or the sting of insomnia,
Is lifted, is abated,
Through careful self-help.

So this is how I live,
One day at a time,
I feel better,
With you by my side.

So this is how I live,
Being thankful for life,
Respecting myself; Loving myself; Forgiving mistakes,
Positively Thinking.

And to those who only see the illness; the diagnosis,
I say:
Walk in my shoes, if only for a day,
I hurt like you hurt and bleed like you bleed,
We feel better, when we learn to care for one-another.

Richard Proffitt. 2015.

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