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“I feel better when I am…”

It begs a thousand endings.

The romantic: “…with my beloved”

The practical: “…fed and warm”

The humorous: “…probably not a newt”

The holy: “…struck far reeling by zip-crunch-sting of frost on my feet and night on my teeth and the stars and the stars and the stars and the-“


The start can also be a complete sentence.


“i feel better when i AM”, you see,

when I am me and my self is brewed strong hot and in the world,

when the ghost world (doubting) leaves no worse footsteps then, oh, THEN…

I am.

Do you see?

The me I am

and how much better that feels?


There’s an end tucked in there too.

(after the fretting and restringing)

(the mistaken misshapen missteppings)

(the whithers/ whethers/ whatevers all noise and gasping no i no see)

Therein lies a neat universe, coiled.

There, the sleek contented arrival at journey’s root:

“i FEEL, better, when i am”.

I feel, alive (breathe)

I feel, strong (eat)

I feel, deep (drink)

For one breakout heartbeat, under sky, over earth, I…

I feel… more than Before.

I feel… more than Ever.

(and love)




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