Caress Some Chords

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Caress some chords – Like a lover needs another to belong

I melt into magical mysteries of song

Lose dubiety – surrender to serenades of serendipity


Caress some chords – Like a river needs an ocean to be free

I swim into this cosmic soup of creativity

Make the time to breathe – Inhaling all the flowers and rainbows there can be


Never ending colours of light filled harmonies

Undulating undertones of possibilities

In a sea of sound – where true love abounds

Caress Some Chords with me


Caress Some Chords – Like a sunrise needs a sky in which to sing

I spread my wings and fly through sweetest sounding strings

Shine my love light bright – Dive into the slipstreams of the melodies I find
©2015 Nicola Gladwin (aka Nicci Gladwin)

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