Between the lines

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Bruce Springsteen’s music….

Gives me hope,

Makes me feel alive and makes me feel glad to be alive,

Gives me a sense of wonder,

Makes my heart beat faster,

Sparks my curiosity,

Makes me feel a sense of solidarity with the human race,

Tells me life is hard and the world can be tough but that I should believe in myself and my ability to navigate the right path through it,

Gives me the feeling of not being alone,

Makes me feel angry at injustice and makes me want to act to right the wronged,

Allows me to imagine another’s world and feel understanding and empathy,

Gives me a way to escape when I feel trapped,

Shows me how to live with my mistakes and those of others,

Allows me to have fun and feel free.


His songs stay with me, can pop into my head during my everyday and colour the grey or just give me something else to think about and something to look forward to.   They remind me that it’s up to each of us to find things which provide meaning in our lives.

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