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What am I but a mere visitor

To here

Of Portland’s such as these

Algarcerias, Castellar de La Frontera, A Coruña, Aberdeen

No matter where both feet wander

Whatever given trodden path

Surprisingly it all becomes more apparent

That, at times, my belonging appears false

A stranger amongst people

A stranger threading water in ones own gene pool

Occasionally happening upon a glimmer or a flicker

Of self knowing in others

Quickly fading into the abyss

A solitary moment of short lived peace


Surrounded by and sitting in a golden shaft of soft setting sunlight

In a wondrous Andalusian autumnal garden

Gazing through a brilliant blaze

To watch it crackle and spit various flamed tongues from the heaped up stack of dried detritus

My ears attune to a grazing melody of cattle bells

Tinkling pleasure notes soothing unease

Fist sized birds roosting

Chattering and chirping their flock’s tale

Curious dogs bark a lizard into hiding

A pack of three

Excitedly sniffing and whining an ancient hunter’s cry

Whilst a sister and brother

Breath together

An aged old practice

A whisper

Sleeping siesta

I breath

A belonging

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