Good To Be Alive

Good to be alive
Hi I’m Jo, was a lady wife
Had children 3
How I miss the noise and din
What’s for tea
Mum, why be glum?
I was a daughter with
Mischief galore,
Mum would say Jo
Close that door
And it’s me never trouble free
I have a brother and sister
To me they’re a pain
It’s like having a blister
And sheer bliss,
These 2 I don’t miss
At all, when I don’t get a call
So out of doors I go, I see
There are birds in the trees
Humming bees
Sky so blue
Glad I am me not you
Good health, good news
Today I am cancer free
So glad, yes lucky me
I know at mindset
My mind is set on
Getting a job daily
And not lazing around like a slob
So Jo it’s good to be alive
No more trouble and strife
Goodbye Jo Willbye

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