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I feel better when, in my mentor role,

I’m here to guide you and assist,

Through 1-2-1 tuition,

I may pick up o things the tutor missed.

I’ve walked a day in our learners shoes,

Saw the obstacles they may face,

Our learning environment welcoming

Allowing progress at their own pace.

I deal with learning difficulties,

That may have never been addressed,

Times like these are challenging

My ability put to the test.

I work in groups or 1-2-1,

Meeting each individual need,

There’s nothing as rewarding,

Watching someone else succeed.

Learners from diverse backgrounds,

I promote Equality everyday,

Race, Sex or religious beliefs,

Everyone’s encouraged to have their say.

I follow National Legislation,

Giving everyone a chance,

Education is important,

It’s a way of giving you back your voice,

We all have ability to progress and

Meet life long targets that we set,

Try hard, give everything your all,

Then look back with no regret.

People look up to me as a Mentor,

I try to put their mind at rest,

I feel a personal service of achievement,

Knowing I gave my very best.

I feel better when I change perceptions,

And to a face, I bring a smile,

My mentoring course has assisted me

And made every obstacle worthwhile.

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