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I feel better when

The goodness of people’s hearts are exposed

And their kindness shines through like the sun

And the hope people convey is good for everyone

And nature isn’t tampered with

And forests aren’t dug up, spoiling wildlife’s homes

I feel better when I see a happy child

And everyone runs a mile from cruelty

And we treat all animals with respect

And turn frowns into smiles… that could be you and me

I feel better when I see the stars in the sky are twinkling

And I see a beautiful rainbow

And all nations are united

Blue skies are all around, daisy chains linking

And no more wars, yet we’ve got a long way to go

Let’s cease the fighting

I feel better when I see there is hope for the homeless

And no-one’s living on the streets

And poor countries get help they need

And best of all there is no more disease

Last but not least…

I feel better when

I feel better

That’s why I’ve said it all

In this letter.

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