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I feel happiest when…

Whether holding paintbrush, pencil or pen

The landscapes open up on the page

Flowing ink emotions from humour to page

The world opens up from within the minds eye

With colourful phrases, sand and blue sky

Teachers and preachers, stories of old

Ancient maps and symbols dark and bold

Painting a reality on the canvas of life

Telling the stories of war, famine and strife

Turning the page to a much brighter view

Lost stories of Rembrandt and Bush, to name but a few

Looking for answers in colours and words

Answers bring questions showing life is absurd

Hiding their secrets in picture and verse

Of mysteries lost, for better or worse

Painting all day, writing all night

Shadows grow long as the candle burns bright

Working alone to tell us his truth

The artists sacrifice, his words, his youth

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