I Feel Better When I am

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As inevitably the morning alarm rings out, it shakes me from

darkness, senses shout,

I open my eyes and let the light filter in,

To my surprise, systems check, all good, despite late night sin,

I indulge myself a moment, lay, listen to birdsong,

Until finally the need to smell and taste coffee is too strong.

The aches and pains of prone to upright are sorted,

Soon transferred as impulses, nerves to muscles are shouted.

Inevitably the first earworm of the day pops in,

Not long before my voice crackles in to life, singing, it’s a win, win,

Taking me back to the day, forward to the next May,

Daydreaming of good day sunshine and Mr. Moonlight,

Thanking the heavens for my great gift of sight,

The power of flowers to entertain me for hours,

Their movement in the breeze and the ozone smell of showers,

Venturing in the countryside with the kids,

Remembering the winter and sledging on bin lids,

The endless boundaries of blue sky and green grass,

Garden fetes, cream teas and bands of deep brass,

Freedom to move from left and to right,

A cloud, drifting through life with humour so light.

The sea, so rhythmic, reminds me of my place,

In a Universe large, endless time and space,

The sun warming my skin and walking for miles,

The wind leathering my face giving me stretched smiles,

I feel better when riding the middle ground of life,

I feel better when I am feeling bereft of strife.

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