Strength of a Tree

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Reaching you is like nectar,

inky shade quenches my tired skin.

Eyes adjust beneath your shelter.

Am I outside looking to

pink sun-drenched horizons?

Or maybe inside breathing roots –

finding power from your darkness

strength from your fruit.

Knowing as I lean, you’ll take the strain,

whispering prayers to the sky.

As I emerge, you remain

a silhouette, a sigh.

Your shelter always waiting

the scent of shade like liquorice,

or homemade lemonade.

Reliably Make Me Smile

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I’m sure I’ve missed a few

Off the list of things I turn to

That help me through the blue days

(Which I’m slowly getting used to)


My list is to assist me

In steering to my cheery place

In case I have forgotten

That there are common thing that often…


Make me smile



Just knowing they’re there makes life a little better

Just knowing that I could always get a:


Cuppa Tea, Beach Boys CD, Long Hot Bath, Bangers and Mash,

Crisp Clean Sheets, Coronation Street, Daffodils and Chocolate Milk.


Which would reliably

Make me smile

Mileage my vary from mine for you

But it’s fine to make your own one too

An inventory of respite and distraction

That in spite of your mood might provoke a reaction


A catalogue could help to

Subdue your mood and tell you

In case you had forgotten

That there are common thing that often…


Make you smile



Just knowing they’re there makes life a little better

Just knowing that you could always get a:


Cappuccino, Tarantino Flick, A Quick Sudoku or Crossword To Go Through

Duvet Day, Lemon Sorbet, Parma Violets or Moments of Quietness.


Which would reliably

Make you smile


A list of things that all have a knack

Of asking nothing back

So I can take ‘em

Or I can leave ‘em

Ignore ‘em

Or ask for ‘em



Just knowing they’re there makes life a little better

Just knowing that I could always get a




people make happy ……

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The life is good

When you are happy

Because of love and friends

Nothing in life

Can make you happy

Then being with people

Who loves you and cares about you 

Who can make you happy and having good time with them

But the life couldn’t be better 

If you wont have fun and great time with your friends

Without worries and sad times

An love is everywhere

Where you go

But good life is nothing without supporting friends

Because then we couldn’t get through in hard times  

But life is life 

And everyone have to fight for they happiness

No matter what 

But friends will help you 


So be happy no matter what when you friends are around you

A Sense of Purpose

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Taking my life,

lots of reasons,

all laid out on paper,

bullet pointed,

then without despair,

wondering what’s next,

I execute my plan

and my life.


Failed, still alive,

a mental health ward.

Then five months later

meds and referrals in hand

I return to my flat,

my bullet point existence.

I try to think of a future,

a ‘still alive’ purpose.


It’s taken a year.

Those meds and referrals,

a cpn, a new flat,

A disabled way of living.

Now calmly thinking forward,

trying not to panic

I fill out a form to volunteer,

a sense of purpose, maybe.


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Five months later,

leaving the ward,

staring up at the sun,

and wondering,

‘will my new life

be like my old’.


A year later…

No more suiciding.

A new flat.

Old friends.

New friends.



I look forward

and I look back.

I think and I over-think.

All I can truly say

is that I’m not better,

but I am recovering.

Celestial Phases.

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She creates the perfect shadows,
silhouettes of you & me.
With her galaxies unfolding
she gives me company.
I watch her rise
from dusk till dawn,
my heart entwined with her child’s faun.
She keeps me safe
from the human race
& when her love has found his grace,
he sits upon her cherished place.
He ignites her love
for a moment in time.
I watch him rise,
destined to shine.
From dawn till dusk
he spreads his lust to all of mankind.
He pours his love upon the earth
& soaks up the pain from the ones who hurt.
He helps me find peace under his sunset skies,
and gives me hope when it is disguised.
He shines his light on my darkest days,
& I find clarity within his sunlight gaze.
Peace on earth,
& long lost hours
keep my bones strong, like towers.
With Mother Nature by my side,
life becomes precious, calm, like sleeping tides.

Between the lines

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Bruce Springsteen’s music….

Gives me hope,

Makes me feel alive and makes me feel glad to be alive,

Gives me a sense of wonder,

Makes my heart beat faster,

Sparks my curiosity,

Makes me feel a sense of solidarity with the human race,

Tells me life is hard and the world can be tough but that I should believe in myself and my ability to navigate the right path through it,

Gives me the feeling of not being alone,

Makes me feel angry at injustice and makes me want to act to right the wronged,

Allows me to imagine another’s world and feel understanding and empathy,

Gives me a way to escape when I feel trapped,

Shows me how to live with my mistakes and those of others,

Allows me to have fun and feel free.


His songs stay with me, can pop into my head during my everyday and colour the grey or just give me something else to think about and something to look forward to.   They remind me that it’s up to each of us to find things which provide meaning in our lives.

People make happy ……

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The life is good

When you are happy

Cus of love and friend

Nothing in life

Can make you happy

Then being with people

Who make you happy and having good time with them

But the life couldn’t be better

If you have fun/great times with your friends

And love is every where

Where you go

But good life is nothing without good supporting friends

Cus without them

We couldn’t have good times.


The Small Things in Life

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A laugh with a friend or a long journey’s end
The warmth of a bath on a cold winter’s night
An extra hour’s sleep or good food going cheap
A difficult test and you get it all right.

The sand in your toes and your comfiest clothes
The point you can breathe at the end of a cold
A day of good hair and a soft comfy chair
The moment your naughty dog does as it’s told.

A gripping new book or the days others cook
A new episode of your favourite show
An afternoon nap and some big bubble wrap
The childish excitement at seeing fresh snow.

A comical joke where you laugh till you choke
An unforeseen text from an old long-lost friend
A hug from your spouse and a wholly clean house
The absolute joy of a stressful day’s end.

A good cup of tea or a splash in the sea
When two snack bars fall in the vending machine
A pillow’s cool side or the times scissors glide
A drive through a town where all lights are on green.

A good reminisce or a soft gentle kiss
The moment warm water hits freezing cold hands
Your favourite song and to sleep all night long
A small local concert with epic new bands.

The view of the stars or the smell of new cars
A dip in a pool on a hot summer’s day
Removing tight shoes and good things on the news
A big homemade cake from a little cafe.

The sight of sunsets or a cuddle with pets
A Saturday where you don’t have to get dressed
A freshly made bed or the smell of baked bread
The small things in life are so often the best!

Actions speak louder than words

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When there’s no tears or upset
When the pain has gone
I’ll feel better
When the room is bouncing with positive atmosphere
& there’s laughter all around
I’ll feel better
When I’m free to express myself
& there’s no restrictions, nobody judging my actions
I’ll feel better
When I can stand on my own two feet
& can say I’ve learnt for my mistakes
I’ll feel better
When I can stand up & say
I’ve won this fight!
Nobody can hold me down.
Then, I’ll feel better.

The deepest path

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Run my little soul

We can fall far enough to just hit the ground,

Run with the waterfall gush through river streams

We can lay in the cold or perhaps in the sun

I can tell you the stories that I once knew

You can whisper out what you soul cries out

Run my little soul, just run my little soul


Climb the ropes my little soul

You can tell me what you see from far

Climb to the mountains my pure heart

We can go to the space of the stars, hold on to the ropes

Climb the ropes my little heart


Stay in the depth of your warmth

I can swim the oceans deep enough to rise

Carefully we stay in the bed of your electric soul

You can stay in the glow of your light

Stay in the mist of night, then we can dance


It’s Been a While

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It’s been a while, a good few years
Since all my laughs were turned to tears
The sneaky thief, that old black dog
Turned my creative brain to fog
It wasn’t long at all before
Joy turned to woe, thrill turned to chore
I hit rock bottom many times
So built my home in its confines
But like the dawn comes after night
The change came whilst in darkest plight
Then finally my smile came back
At last my life got back on track
My life now has a dream, a goal:
Take back the life that black dog stole
I see my future and it’s bright
I know that I can win this fight
Now looking back at darkest days
I see progress in many ways
The dark rock bottom home I made
Now lies in ruins, disarrayed
And with a smile I want to tend
To others not yet on the mend
A smile is an amazing gift
For lonely ones who need a lift
And smiling is a gift for me
It proves I’m in recovery
I feel better when I can smile
And smiling makes life so worthwhile
It’s been a while, but not quite years
Since laughs took over from the tears
And now that dog’s gone from my brain
My life is mine to live again.

The Sea As Community

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Each summer
The sea
Becomes my community

My family
My friend

I talk to the sea
It talks back
Its deep wisdom
Holds my fears
As the sun shines on its golden ripples
And there where my shadow meets my feet

I feel at home

Pair of gloves

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Known for its relaxing qualities

I come here to a place to find tranquillity and healing

From preparing the soil to the joy of harvesting

All of which aids, supports, and prompts me

In my quest

To reduce the risk for obesity, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes

This moderate activity

Makes me feel good

Makes me feel safe

Makes me think

Something I have not done in a long time

I followed others for so long

Until I stopped following

Until I slowed down, followed the path I wanted and

Reached out to a community

That existed, that quietly carried on

That welcomed me with open arms, words of advice and encouragement

They did not judge

They did not shout

Just passed me the pair of gloves

To start