Snow White

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Drudging for dwarves

is much overrated, thinks Snow White.

Tedious little ones who expect me
to do it all. And as for waiting for a prince
to bail me out (and wash his socks),
I really don’t think so.
I don’t like this story.

Forget the Prince!
Delete the Dwarves!

I’m going to dance in fountains
drink champagne and eat sweet peaches
climb high mountains
laze on beaches
drive fast cars.
whiz down slopes of stars.

Away with the Fairies

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Away with the Fairies

I hear the trees talk every day.
Red leaves flutter in the wind
tongues that chatter, natter, sigh.

Trees don’t speak our language.
Their words are felt not heard.

A bright warmth below the ribs
A gladness in the heart.

What it is

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What it is


It is lemon light tilting past lime-green leaves;

aromas of cut grass, hawthorn, and warm gorse;

elderflower wine shoaling brightly round gums, then bursting sharp and sweet;

the high-pitched tinkling of newly-washed hair;

faint fluty notes on the wind.


It is gently buoyant curls on nape;

a lilting ski-jump of a nose;

feet and brows tending towards arching;

arms floating up and out, unbidden.


It is a lightening under the sternum,

soft breath lifting and sinking through fontanelle,

and an inner shifting, settling, down to earth.

A level kind of readiness.

And then there is a lengthening

and a heighteningwhite2

and a  s o a r i n g  about it, like leaping off a swing mid-flight;

a reaching about it

and a welcome:

the redly spreading grin of dawn,

or the frank smile of the new moon.

I feel better when i,m

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I feel better when i,m

In a pair of willies, jumping like a zebra in puddles of silver.

In a pair of gloves mismatched and bright, waving at the people on the bus

In a pair of stripy socks, that make my toes look like multicoloured waves

In a pair of shorts, up to my knees at the seaside looking for shells

In a pair of new shoes, shiny and make me want to waggle my feet on a bench.

In a pair of sunglasses, because the sun is shining so bright

In a pair of arms; because a hug is the best feeling in the world.


I feel better when i,m

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I feel better when i,m

Chocolate chipped and swirlywirly curled into folds of warm smooth sunshine.

Scooped and plated; presented and placated; lawn lazing; summer dazing.

Floral sweet flavours drift past through hazes.

Velvet kisses from summer breezes, buzzing sounds from the beezees.

Cat stretching toes, and yawning sighs; wrapped up in the garden as the world passes by.


I feel better when I am….

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I feel better when I am….

Strolling under a blue sky, the force of a Spring wind clearing away the clouds and bending the sturdy branches as they go with the flow. Birds soaring in the wind as they enjoy the uplifting drafts, going where it takes them as they glide majestically without a care in the world, from the largest to the tiniest of airborne creatures.


I feel better when I am….

Walking on a sun soaked Summer afternoon, the strength of the sun beating down, gazing upon the fruit laden trees radiant in colour, the green leaves vying for attention, the lushness of abundant green grass, bloom laden borders radiant in multitudes of colour and the buzz of bees flitting from one pollen laden flower to another tasting of their goodness. The overwhelming smell of freshly cut grass, the gentle hum of mowers at their work.


I feel better when I am….

Stepping out in soft pattering rain, enjoying the freshness of Autumn buffeted by a gentle breeze. Admiring the naked trees against a cloud filled sky as they sway gently to its rhythm as if orchestrated by an unseen hand. Anticipating the buzz of friendly chatter exchanging our view and telling our news, the clink of wine glasses filled with red or white wine, breathing in the succulent smell of mulling wine. The closeness of fellowship, the hug of a loved one, gentle kiss of a child or passion of one close.


I feel better when I am….

Striding briskly on a moonlit Winter night, with the brightness of the moon and the glory of the stars above, the crispness of a frosty evening the crunch of fresh snow underfoot and the beauty of its glistening virgin whiteness. The drifting smoke from the chimneys and the pleasing smell of logs burning in the grate. The thought of toasted teacakes and a steaming mug of hot chocolate upon my return.


I feel better when I am….

See children playing in the park, the laughter in freedom of playfulness, happiness of a smile and the innocence of childhood. Watchful parents protecting from afar, hearing the giggles with pride, ever observant with care. Dogs being walked, kept on a leash as they gently bark at a stranger but not going near, the nod of the owner as a gesture of part of the club.


I feel better when I am….

See creatures great and small, scurrying or plodding the high and the mighty. The elephant or mouse all made so unique. From continents near and continents afar, I look upon nature with pleasure and awe. The variety of nature all around the world, each suited to climates with beauty and care.  The power of sea as waves come crashing in, the white foam of fury riding atop. So filled with creatures of all sizes and shapes. Of life in abundance, some edible some not, some full of danger but others of beauty.


I feel better when I am….

Enjoying home comforts, with family around, the smell of fresh bread or bacon and egg. The thoughts of a dinner, roast beef with lashings of gravy. Potatoes roasted crisp, parsnips and carrots, Yorkshires of course to make it complete. To finish it off I look forward with glee to a bread and butter pudding made just for me. Then there is the sound we all love as the trifle is eased, a gulp of the jelly as from bowl it is teased.

I feel better when I am….

At peace with myself, fully and clearly, purpose within. I know who I am and to where I belong, my destiny assured security and harmony. A life filled with purpose of living the truth, my journey assured by my comfort within. An inner truth deep in my heart, knowing what ever may come, it will never depart. As I reflect on my story, my life almost gone, enjoying my memories and all that I am. Surrounded by family, friends as well, the big picture so clear of that I can tell. So I feel better when I recall who I am


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Red berries


Beside storm-curdled mud-drifts;

Birds pecking land and worms back from fenced waterfields.


Russet brown and orange – requiem saw shavings

From the old tree brought down across the pavement.

Only a livid stump remains

In its allocated earthbreak;

Its sentinel centuries





Marigold flowers

Humbly swarm to warm the bottom of a gate post,

And the yellowing green of new catkins

Hangs a promise above greying ghosts;

Shade-slumbering old man’s beard

Tangles winter’s last legacy into a hedge,

Bequeathing tufts, but only here and there,

To the blinking blue sky.


Down the road,

Indigo grasses have been newly planted in proud garden pots,

Whilst crocuses sprinkle the park;


Like the memory

Of lavender

In brush-dry broken branches

Piled ready for burning,

Now colour has come back to us.


Send the Blues Away

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I feel better when I’m with friends,
out and about, seeing the sights.
I like a turn round the park,
on warm summer nights –
or on any day, really.

I feel worse when I just sit thinking,
so I try to get out every day.
Even if it’s raining,
that won’t block my way.

Fresh air and light and company,
are my simple strategy,
to send the blues away.

I feel better when I am covered in paint

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I feel better when I’m covered in paint,

I’m absorbed , in the flow , creating and relaxing,

Nothing else is more important in that moment in that place in time,

Each brush stroke heals , each brush stroke calms , each brush stroke creates part of a bigger picture.

I feel better when my sewing box full of threads calls me to stitch, each stitch adds to a tapestry of relaxation, of distraction and I am lost in its beauty.

I feel better when a block of clay is handled , rolled , carved , remoulded and built into a sculpture , the feel , the texture not knowing what will develop , who cares , who knows , it is formed, I am calm , at peace and alive.

I feel better when I print , objects I have found become tools , treasure almost in adding life to that blank piece of paper – print yes, add colour yes, add more and see,  who worries  what appears, I am absorbed, inspired ,so simple but a meditation in progress.

I feel better when all that junk, rubbish for some becomes art, old cardboard , tape , bottle tops and donated beads and odds and ends in themselves become my masterpiece, my medication, my art , my art on prescription even.

I now feel better as armed with the tools of my trade I can help others to create, relax , be at peace during those bleak dark moments, to come together, be in the artistic zone of creativity, to inspire and motivate , to encourage and support  the process, to see the joy and enthusiasm, helping others to achieve their true potential.

I feel better knowing art can heal, I feel better knowing I can help to make a difference, I feel better knowing I have my art tool box of recovery.

New Shoots

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I feel better….When I am Writing, and the words flow, creativity sparks new growth within me, like new shoots of life.




I Talk with best friends and my family.


I am Thankful. Living each day on its own merits.


Generous to myself, my fragile nature is cocooned in


Kindness and wellbeing.


Looking after myself; allowing myself; being at peace with myself; I feel better.


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I feel better when I’m tucked up in bed
And drift off to sleep with eyelids like led
But I’m happiest when I’m with you

I feel better when I awake
To hear birdsong as the dawn breaks
But I’m happiest when I’m with you

I feel better when I’ve had my first caffeine kiss
The first cup of coffee is bliss
But I’m happiest when I’m with you

I feel better when the sun’s on my face
And feel the golden warmth of the sun’s rays
But I’m happiest when I’m with you

I feel better when I see the green shoots
Of recovering plants growing up from the roots
But I’m happiest when I’m with you

I feel better when I smell clean clothes
On the washing line – where the wind blows
But I’m happiest when I’m with you

I feel better when I’ve a pen in my hand
Compose lyrics – be my own one man band
But I’m happiest when I’m with you

I feel better when I have got
Lost in a book or film and its plot
But I’m happiest when I’m with you

I feel better when I have solved
A problem which takes some resolve
But I’m happiest when I’m with you

Yes I’m happiest when I’m with you
Because of your unconditional love
And all your kisses and all your big hugs
I’m happiest when I’m with you
With you by my side I’ll pull through….

A Dream In The Storm

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I feel a flight of fancy
And want to carry you away
Out of a world of despair
Into a beautiful day

Where you smile and you laugh as you should do
And the sun and the sky light your face
So that fields of misfortune forget you
And there’s no misery in this place

Jagged edges in life which have hurt you
Where you feel yourself start to cry
I’ve been there before and I’ve felt this
So let me dry that tear in your eye

I’m nought but the dreamer I’ll grant you
But dreams are the things you deserve
If you wake with a smile in the morning
Well, then the purpose is served.


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Sitting with ocean,

watching creation, I am reduced.


Shorelines are swallowed by

metronome repetition.

Precision absorbed by time,

I am myself.

Cascading rhythms rise and fall,

distance counting of a storm,

I wait with goose bumped skin,

eyes shut.

I drift.

Far from the numbers in my head.

Nature has no words, no lessons.

It plays out its existence on auto tune.

I create stories,

the gathering crest has no need for them.

I am unbound, free to explore,

all rules and segmented time,


Such a small part of this universe,

the slight connection

throws me open.

I am undaunted

by my larger life.

Kodak Moment

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Kodak Moment

Walking through memories

vivid images reconnect

people and places to my past.

I can spend a moment anywhere in the world

without having to take flight

from a busy airport lounge,

times to hold onto and I do.

I learnt to free-fall,

Learnt harnessed thoughts are difficult to untangle,

they prevent new memory

room to move forwards.

Learnt to be present in the moment.

To be, just be.

I feel best when I feel life inside me,

all around me,

rushing through me,

racing towards the next point.