Learning to say ‘No’

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I no longer take on jobs I do not want to do

I no longer compare myself to others

I no longer think so negatively

I no longer isolate myself

I no longer disconnect myself from the world

I no longer keep myself up all night with loud music

I no longer dwell on event and incidents I have no control over

I no longer surround myself with false friends

I am learning to be assertive

I am learning to like myself

I am learning to like me

When I am

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When I am,

I am here… looking carefully.

When I am

I am here… looking wondrously.


and within,

without anxiety.

It is better to wait.  It is better to trust.  It is better to risk living.

Even in the darkness.

It is better to ask.  It is better to feel.  Better this

than to live in hiding.

Better this, than before

When I shut life out.

Life has opened; It continues to open.

Welcomes; It continues to welcome.

Calls, and continues to call…

I feel better when moving


I can fall forward

I can fall back

When I am,

I am here, looking carefully

When I am

I am here, looking wondrously


and within,

without anxiety.


Jenny Meehan