I feel better when I am playing cricket

When Friday comes
I feel better because it is time for cricket

As soon as I step into the sports hall,
Everything else but cricket is forgotten

I can’t wait to bowl
That is when I shine
The moment I get a wicket
I smile and shout “yes”
I feel so happy and proud of myself

Winning as a team makes it all worthwhile

Even if my team lose,
Playing cricket is all that matters

Cricket is my hope, my passion
It makes me feel better.

An early morning walk

An early morning walk

A fine frost sparkles all around
The air is crisp and fresh, I inhale deep lung fulls,
refreshing myself from the inside out.

The sky is slowly brightening,
cotton wool waves of pink and purple
lap at the roof tops.

As I cross the road I am startled by a
rustling in the bushes, panic turns to wonder
As a squirrel appears and looks around.

We regard each other, the squirrel and I
both in awe of the brilliant morning sky.

As I walk the cold starts to warm my bones.
my nose glows red and my ears burn
but I feel better.

When I’m walking on through this peaceful town
I feel thankful, glad that I can enjoy
the beauty and grace of this place.

Happiness cannot be defined.

With my friends I have an escape,
I can turn off and forget about the worries,
My thoughts can no longer dwell in the abyss of my mind.
I can’t drag myself down my downwards spiral of doubt.

He takes my hand forward and leads me to the light
And when he does, together we shall fight;
Individually we have gone through hell,
But together we choose to stay in heaven.
He smiles and all the troubles seem to fade
As he is my personal dose of first aid.
The bandage that soothes my wound.
The one who helps me heal, to recover.

It’s not something I can define
In a sentence, nor through speech.
It’s something I feel, deep underneath.
My heart it beats me through yet another day
I tell myself.
It’ll all be okay.