I feel better when…

I feel better when I am riding my bike,
On my Raleigh with flair,
With the wind in my hair,

I feel better when I am taking a hike,
In a picturesque scene,
Down by the woodland stream,

I feel better when I am strumming my strings,
With fingers on frets,
And a singing duet,

I feel better when I am dreaming of things,
The red carpet at the BAFTAs,
And a crazy party after,

I feel better when I am baking a cake,
With sugar, jam and cream,
Just fit for a Queen,

I feel better when I am wide awake,
Dancing round the room,
To the radio’s cool tune,

I feel better when I am basking in the sun,
Hearing seagulls soar high,
In the blue summer sky,

I feel better when I am having fun,
In peace on my own,
With the games on my phone,

I feel better when I am with my friends,
Just chilling out,
Or messing about,

I feel better when a long day ends,
When I can wind down,
And watch the world go round,

But what makes me feel my best,
Is a Saturday night in,
With my family in the living room,
As a movie begins,

With snacks on the table,
And the lights down low,
We’ll snuggle until it’s over,
And the credits roll slow.

Man Of The Moment

A ray of brightness shines through a rundown changing room window, while depressed faces and lowering heads of despair are contained in defeat. No talk, no liveliness, no desire, but he was different. Each glare towards him was filled with promise, hope and belief. Shy at first, but a prosperity soon to be a star in the making, similar to the professionals of today.

Swaying along the pitch, making the beautiful game look so simple, I recognise his exciting talent in such short time. From a nobody to somebody, from Sunday mornings to Saturday afternoons, from overgrown fields to world-class stadiums, his ability was something like a dream to be achieved. I could see a free-scoring youngster changing into a confident and composed technician of the ball. His passion and love for his sport: I found the special one.

An iconic memory to be made. A performance different to any other that he has ever produced. Tingling with nerves, but spurred with ecstasy, a long walk through the eerie tunnel to appear to the noise of 90,000 fans chanting his name only happens to the best of them. The stage was made for him. Sporting the shirt he always wanted to represent and being a part of a high-calibre eleven: a dream was fulfilled.

From a young prodigy to international stardom, a rare gem has been born. A minor piece in the jigsaw has become the real man of the moment.

Little note to myself

I’ll try not to compare myself to others,
Our differences make us unique.
I will decide on the route my own path,
Your goals won’t make me complete.

I shall cherish all those who I love,
Holding their value near.
I’ll remember to value those moments
That add greater meaning and cheer.

I shall acknowledge that I’m not perfect,
For perfect would perturb.
I will appreciate all of my imperfections,
as they make me distinctively superb!

I will overcome those fear and take a risk,
For having a go is courageous.
I shall not let opportunities pass me by
For a full life will be contagious.

I feel better when I am…

I feel better when I am…
I feel better when I am climbing up a hill, with mates egging each other on to climb faster and further.
Setting up camp for the night with cups of tea and laughter being the best delight.
A brisk cold wind has us all scurry into our tents, as we knuckle down for the night.
The next day with sun shining bright, buzzing for the next challenge that gets thrown at us.
Set off did we into doomy armageddon, with rain as cold as ice.
And wind nearly blowing us down, carried on we did, all as one.
For the weather could not break our laughs and cheers, as we climbed higher and higher.
Almost crying for it to stop, but carried on through the day.
Finally ending the challenge, soaked through to our bones, still laughing about it all.
With eagerness we wait for the next challenging trip, that one called they call the coast to coast.

I am grateful for the small things

I am grateful for the small things

So early it’s still quiet outside
whilst I sit in my window with tea.
I’m watching the world gradually wake
as fleeting thoughts pass by me.

The old couple wear matching coats,
she carries the paper; he, his cane.
They look so at ease though they say nothing,
he leans in to kiss her in the rain.

A robin sits on the apple tree branch.
The sky gathers its soft warming light,
whilst the last of the nights stars twinkle.
All is hinting at the day’s delight.

The book lays on the windowsill,
a leather marker pausing the story.
Yet, when finished and missed,
it will not be as amazing as life’s journey

Such beauty is held in these minutes
Small moments to love and be grateful for.
Unexpected happiness from a single moment,
capable of allowing this day to soar.

Moments are Memories

I take this special moment to celebrate you dad, I will always remember the special days we had.
You worked so hard for many years and now it’s time to rest, I appreciate your efforts for everything I have.
I will take away our happy memories and treasure them in my heart, not now, not ever will we grow apart.
I will always be your little girl, and you’ll always be my dad, one day we can meet again and share the love we have.

I feel better when I am smiling because of all the happy memories I have of me and my dad.

When i am loved.


The power of a single word
Invokes emotions deep within,
Pain, strength, confidence
Or forever longing?

The love we seek in universal.

Who am I? you ask,
A voice so sweet,
Yet dripping with despair.

And here you long for a single word
To invoke an emotion deep within,
Pain, joy, happiness
Or forever longing?

The love you seek is universal.

What do I need to be? She questions
A tone so innocent
Yet oozing with deeper thought

And here she prays for a single word
To invoke an emotion deep within,
Doubt, determined, hopeful
Or forever longing?

The love she seeks is universal.

Where do I search? He questions
A whisper so kind
Yet reeking of doubt

And here he begs for a single word
To invoke emotions deep within,
Confusion, Comfort, confidence
Or forever longing?

The love he seeks is universal

What is love? We cry
A word so confusing
Yet so beautifully undefined

And here we understand.
The power of this single word
Invokes emotions deep within,
Infatuation, friendship, adoration
Yet never longing.

The true love we seek is found within each other.

What is it like being in a foster family?

At first you might be scared and shy. You might want to hide and cry. You might be worried about living with people who are complete strangers to you at first. They will welcome you on the first night by dedicating dinner time to you by ordering takeaway you like.
It is normal to feel embarrassed at first, but let me tell you, you will be lounging around in your pyjamas, watching EastEnders with them in no time. Giggling whilst watching gogglebox will become a weekly routine.
When you go shopping you might be apprehensive to say what you like and dislike, but within a few weeks they will learn what you like and dislike without you even having to tell them. They will search high and low in the aisles of Aldi to find your favourite cereal. They will battle through crowds of other shoppers to find your favourite flavour of pot noodle. If you want coconut scented conditioner, they will embark upon a journey to every Tesco known to man to find it.
When you are out people may stare or ask questions because you might look different to them but they are like MI5 intelligence officers ready to answer those nosy people, without leaking the slightest of information. You will feel like family even if you don’t look like family.
The older siblings will have your back, ready to kill spiders for you without the slightest of fear. The younger siblings will happily introduce you to their nerf gun wars. The carers will know if you’re unhappy or upset with their foster carer super powers, they will do their best to keep you happy.
You may argue and sometimes not always feel at ease but soon enough you will make up, every family does. You might feel like curfew is strict but it is for your own good. They want to keep you safe, that’s their job.
Eventually you guys will be family not a ‘foster’ family, just a normal family. It may become bigger with others joining you, but you will all grow to love and care for each other, that I can promise you.

coming home

I feel better
When I am
When I am coming home.
You bring a smile to my face
You bring me joy and happiness
I just want to come home
Just to see you smile
One day I’ll have to go from you
But I’ll always come back home
You know how much you mean to me
I just want to keep you safe

Never truly on your own

I feel better when I am……………………………………..
Content to share silence in the company of a friend
Spending time with others who help you get your heart back on the mend
Gifting a present that truly comes from the heart
Positive about a chapter in my life that is just about to start

Appreciating others and what they bring to my life
Always being there for others during their own times of strife
Being loved and accepted for just simply being me
Doing something relaxing like strolling by the sea

Aware there are friends out there and you are never truly on your own
Knowing one in four go through this and you do not have deal with this alone
Recalling random acts of kindness and ones that I can offer too
Accepting support when it is offered as I know this will get me through

Never Alone

Never Alone

I feel better when I am looking out of the window
And see the beauty of life

I can then ask myself, am I really alone?
People walking, dogs wagging their tails,
I need to remember how all these people need each other.
Dogs, children, animals, humans,
We all depend on each other to survive.
I am not alone am I?
Why am I any different?
We all need someone or something to depend on
I am unique, but not alone!

We carry our pains hiding them away
We all have problems, but how can we deal with them.
I know now, by realising I am not alone.
We can look at others and think they have all the answers
But we have to remember,
We don’t know what they are really carrying
And we have to know that we need each other to feel better,
As we are not really alone.
The beauty of the world outside,
The life, the breath we take, the wind, the sun, the laughter
It can carry us through
As I know now that when I look out that window
It makes me feel better as I am never really alone
I am surrounded by people and animals that all need each other.
We are never alone

My day was better because I knew you

My day was better because I know you

I woke up this morning
What did I see?
I saw you,

And my day was a better day

I drove to work this morning
What did I feel?
I felt you near me,

And my day was a better day

I went into work
To face the day
And realised I didn’t need to worry
As you were with me

And my day was a better day

I looked at the clock and saw it was time to go home
How can that be?
My day went so well,
I could tell you were carrying me

And my day was a better day

I drove home from work this day
And then I knew,
That when I lean on you
I can conquer anything

And I knew that day, my life was better because I know you.

Long Road Back

I picked an injury when doing sport
My knee, jaw and eyes
It put me on the shelf I felt quite short
I was in hospital the laid up eating self-pitty pies

Again and again, as the cholesterol built so did the stress
To be honest I was quite a mess.
After a few months I started eating right and enrolled at a gym
Suddenly the horizon wasn’t that dim

I was out injured black and blue
Now I’m surgically repaired, fitter and back for round 2
Thanks to my friends I’m energised and motivated
Self-improved, grateful and elated
I feel better when I am taking control of my situation
With hard work and application

Our Will’

2016, a year of great note!
The Nation hails the man who wrote
Publication of works voluminous
Sometimes tragic, often humorous
Some, with a great deal of cynicism
Wrongly accuse him of plagiarism
Christopher Marlowe often thought
That the bard’s works came to nought
Now a whole four centuries later
We venerate Macbeth’s creator
His plays are the most prolific
And his sonnets are terrific
Not a topic is taboo
About nothing, much ado
With characters homoerotic
And, some kings, near despotic
Viola, it is quite distressing
Attains her love via cross-dressing
Sir Toby, in an awful funk
Resorts, naturally to get drunk
Hamlet, full of dread and fear
Resulting from a poisoned ear
Shylock pound of flesh the cost
Antonio, but for Portia, lost
Julius Caesar, out of luck
With a lot of knives is stuck

Shakespeare’s works have great diameter
I feel better when I am bic pentameter!