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The flowers shimmer in light upon each petal

Brushed with vivid shades of manifest colour.

The music in vocal harmonies like a glance of tomorrow

Borrowed and cherished forever in memory

A gift to call your own.

The way we shake a hand in protective unison

To love or forgive or simply to forget and suggest.

These all have their worth in places, to feel safe,

Engaged and full of hope, in blessing today,

For tomorrow is but a heartbeat away.


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I feel better when I smile

a cuppa, a chat, a friendly handshake

a fist bump or a hug

an app coming back.

I feel better when I use the gym,

lifting more and more

go on”, “you can do it”

pushes me to carry on.

I feel better when I have a visit

a panini, a slice of cake

a hundred hugs over

kisses and tears make me stronger

mums and dads, all kinds of people

laughter and the hope of a better ever after.

I feel better when I’m kind

I feel better when I help others

filling forms

going to the library

singing as I work, playing a game of scrabble.

I feel better when the door closes

I feel better when Emmerdale starts

The freedom of thought

a chance to share stories

to be a shoulder to cry on

I feel better when I am me

I feel better when I breath

to reassure that i am alive

to know this is not forever.


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There was a young man from Welford,

whose head was misunderstood,

he put in an app,

to speak to a chap,

to change his life if they could.

A problem shared is a problem halved,

or so the saying goes,

the service is good,

we would if we could

remove your troubles and woes.

Gone through his pain and all his admissions,

he’s no longer in those downward positions,

took him some time,

great he feels fine,

now in the state of remission.


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Day to day struggles

none can comprehend,

living mental health,

mind goes round the bend.

Talking helps they say

no it can’t be done.

I reveal my demons

I’ve lost I haven’t won.

My burden to bare

those scars from my past,

living mental health

mind will never last.

As time goes further on

I’m filling to the brim,

all the rage inside

I’m turning to the grim.

That’s it, no more

I’m finally at my breaking,

living mental health

mind is most forsaking.

I’ve finally done it

I’ve just broken through,

that hard barrier of talking

to help my mind stay true.

This feeling’s getting better

of hope, love and content,

living mental health

no more a harsh torment.