Title: What Makes You Happy?

City of Residence:Belper

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Drawn on the paper bag that my food came in on arrival to university, 'What Makes You Happy?' is a disaster in crayon, pastel, biro, pencil and probably some mud from the Downs, where I drew most of it. From left to right, there is a self portrait indicating that one of the few ways I was getting serotonin last term was living vicariously through a Minecraft pumpkin farm. Next, there is a monk character that recurs in my art symbolising hope and calmness. They are much needed. A biblical angel is the next figure, he's a pretty cool guy. Finally, we have a celestial worm thing inspired by a friend's birthday cake. It made me smile, so I thought I'd whack it on there. The chicken is a reference to Slap The Chicken, a science podcast I started last November which I've been having a lot of fun with (this is a threat). To his right, there is my attempt at expressing the feeling of seeing a bat on campus. I like it when that happens. Some of my favourite Greek letters and a Python foot destroying the genuinely horrible part of my brain that I can't fend off with glib jokes top off the image. I would say it's related to Physics through Chaos, Python, Greek Symbols, Lasers, Flying, Compressing Forces, and Quantum Physics, in that parts of it make very little sense.