Title: Sound Inspired

City of Residence:Chelmsford

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I sat with my sketchbook and hit play. As I was listening I felt inspired to close my eyes and had a smile on my face as images started to appear. I started making marks of that smile and what I could see with my eyes closed and it evolved from there.. The bees are all people who have inspired me in some way - the majority of which are now bees because they have passed on - but that doesn't stop me talking to them. I have a wild bee garden and the lavender is part of that. In the summer I often go and sit with the humming of the bees to find peace, stillness and am then able to just be. This then expands my creativity tenfold. I also thought of the gifts these people had given me. Mostly it was love - the most powerful of all. Included also is art training, courage, laughter, and the pan of eggs actually represents giving. I had no idea this was what would come out - and I think I may have misunderstood the exercise.. ha ha but here is my entry. I now have your song on a loop in my head - of which makes me smile - Thank you!