Title: Glamourous Colours

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Mixed textiles and embroidery Artist Tara Oatley Inspired by this poem by Mark R Slanghter Upon a fuzzy vista – vision blurred – I tried to focus; nothing ever solid Came to view, but undeterred, I blinked An eye to try again. Through the mist A coloured hue; polychromatic flames Had flickered at a whim; a rhythm bore A thrumming too: a naturalistic hymn. Behold! Were I to find a synonym to Reproduce or recreate The apparition of a butterfly, Evolving through the waning vapour, Drawing on a sigh from this romantic. Glory be! The raging sun above Had fired his furnace, flaming off The hangers on. Now I saw the flare: His time has come. He spread a tortoiseshell – A scene of Mother Nature at her best. I lay in peace in knowing I was blessed.