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The Yellow Book Live – Full Event Now Available – Free to View

How can we help?

We specialise in empowering wellbeing through creative expression and mindful practice. 

The Yellow Book resources are designed to empower self-regulation of mental & emotional health and where needed, to signpost to national support.


Our resources and services:

(1) #TheYellowBook & #SoundsInspired Gallery – view all the uplifting entries 

(2) The Yellow Book – featuring creative entries from our last national competition, wellbeing practices & national support – free* personal hard copy & flickbook available

(3) The School Yellow Book – because early intervention & prevention are key, we created the first-ever version of The Yellow Book with 3 schools – hard copy available

(4) Create your own Yellow Book– a perfect and simple way to provide a branded Yellow Book for your business or organisation – even the entries can be personalised!

(5) Training Days, Talks & Live music performances– an array of options, depending on your needs, to present the subject of mental health through live music and mindfulness

(6) Mindful Meds – a daily dose of meditation! A collaboration between our M.D Claire, a Mindfulness Practitioner & refuge, whose lead singer is our Project Manager, Pete

(7) The Audio Yellow Book– a downloadable version of The Yellow Book to your device, also available as a single download for organisations across their intranets

(8) The College Music Project – taking the project onto the curriculum in 2 colleges and encouraging creativity through composition, songwriting and performance

(9) #SoundsInspired Project –  previously encouraging creativity inspired by lyrics and music on a local scale, now a project song and the focus of our 2021 national competition

(10) Moving InWards – live music on mental health wards. Performances and staff training

Our Vision:

To encourage open conversations
To empower wellbeing within each individual
To educate that health begins with emotional health